Jamie’s Italian in South Africa


The first Jamie Oliver restaurant in South Africa opened December 2016 in Melrose Arch Johannesburg. I had no choice than to give it a try. Even from the outside, expectations are provoked. The vibe is chill and the waiters are upbeat and friendly. For a starter we had the Artisan bread basket with a flavourful olive tapenade and the fried squids- with hints of chilli. Some of us even considered taking the squids for the main course as well. But we knew there was more to come. For the main meal, having pasta was recommended, after all it was a Jamie’s Italian, although my palate decided on the chargrilled lamb topped with capers, sticky balsamic onions, toasted pine nuts and his Salsa Verde. I am glad about my choice, but so was my food camaraderie with the Bolognese, Ravioli and Porcini Fettuccine (for me the pasta winner). Tummies full but taste buds not yet fully satisfied, it was time for dessert. We had three different deserts, but it doesn’t matter what we had, my mother had the chocolate brownie and that is what I urge everyone to try. It was my intention to see Jamie’s restaurant out of curiosity and future conversation but it seems like it might turn into one of my habitual dining choices. Thank you Jamie for bringing your kitchen all the way to South Africa and well done to the SA team- you are doing well.

Rumour has it, there will be a few more restaurants opening in SA- the next one is said to be opening early this year in Cape Town.

Website: https://www.jamieoliver.com/italian/south-africa/

Vlaamsch Broodhuys


This place warms the deep part of me that loves beautiful food.

Everything looks great but tastes even better. The staff is genuinely friendly and the ambiance unpretentious. This should definitely be on your must visit list

Please note that they do not except cash, only debit or credit cards.

Address: Variety of stores in The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Nijmegen)

Website: www.vlaamschbroodhuys.nl


Angelo's Pane Vino Restaurant


Photos: Johanine van Tonder & Tanita Roets

'Am I in Italy?’
‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’
Don’t expect to see an ambitiously visible board declaring the restaurant’s location or a glamorous row of flags. They specialise in pizzas, and it became profoundly clear as my teeth sank into the mozzarella, that window dressing wasn’t at all necessary. Each bite tasted garden fresh and light with the basil leaves and garlic. I enjoyed the thin base and the very generous bigger-than-the-plate portion. The owner, Angelo, has a comfortable grip on his business, paving its road to success. About visiting; if you haven’t you should, if you already have you will more than likely visit again and if you won’t you will miss out tremendously.
Address: 77 Bree Street, Parys, South Africa
Contact: 056 811 4813



A chocolate Experience


The best way to enjoy handmade Belgian chocolates is by feeling the rush of handpicking each and every chocolate from a long and wide variety of chocolates. Ranging from dark chocolate champagne to hazelnuts praline seashells, Geldhof Chocolatier will test your decisiveness to the extreme. A tip: pick the chocolates in two/ three of a kind- depending on the amount of people you are planning on enjoying it with. This is the part that makes it an experience; when tasting the same flavour at the same time, babbling about your favourite one, and changing your mind as you continue. If your willpower is admittedly as limited as mine, the nearby Mugg and Bean’s coffee will complement Geldhof’s chocolates marvellously. This is a must stop when visiting Sandton City.

Address: Sandton City (Shop BC13)

Contact: 011 784 5403

Website: http://www.geldhofchocolates.co.za/



Hoi Polloi


Yes! The décor was quirky and classy and the service friendly-ish but these factors took a backseat against the food. Everything we ate was beautifully presented, full of flavour and unique. Another deciding factor was the outside area; it’s so relaxing to sit outside and observe all the tourists and people from a fair distance and height. Be sure to mind your step up and down the very steep entrance staircase and it will be advantageous to make a booking before you pitch, to secure a table. Although some people feel that the standard is not always met, I have had an amazing experience every time. Give yourself the opportunity to decide for yourself.


Address: 73 Bree Street, Parys (Free State)

Contact: 056 811 3333


Breakfast: Wednesday- Friday- 10:00-11:30/ Saturday and Sunday: 09:00-11:30

Lunch: Wednesday- Sunday: 12:00-16:00

Dinner: Friday and Saturday 16:00-21:00

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