Angelo's Pane Vino Restaurant


Photos: Johanine van Tonder & Tanita Roets

'Am I in Italy?’
‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’
Don’t expect to see an ambitiously visible board declaring the restaurant’s location or a glamorous row of flags. They specialise in pizzas, and it became profoundly clear as my teeth sank into the mozzarella, that window dressing wasn’t at all necessary. Each bite tasted garden fresh and light with the basil leaves and garlic. I enjoyed the thin base and the very generous bigger-than-the-plate portion. The owner, Angelo, has a comfortable grip on his business, paving its road to success. About visiting; if you haven’t you should, if you already have you will more than likely visit again and if you won’t you will miss out tremendously.
Address: 77 Bree Street, Parys, South Africa
Contact: 056 811 4813



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