Movie style ice cream


I enjoyed this desert at a Col'Cacchio pizzeria recently, and realised the possibility of recreating it at home. Only three items are needed, of which all can be bought and stored ahead of time. This unlikely trio is modest yet thrilling. Your guest will admire your creativity and you will appreciate the little effort needed.

Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, Toffee sauce (I was lazy, Woolies helped me out), Caramel popcorn

Method: Scoop plain vanilla ice cream in a bowl and sprinkle and drizzle with toffee sauce and caramel popcorn. Enjoy with a movie.

Apple crumble

Photo: Drikus Roets

This is one of the first recipes I made. It’s an easy, no fuss apple crumble. Once again, I found the original recipe in Wenresepte 2 by Anette Human, but excluded some of the ingredients. The main reason for this was that I found the recipe a little too sweet for my liking and I dislike too much fruit and especially raisins in my apple crumbles. This is a lovely recipe served with vanilla ice cream in the summer or just as lovely served lukewarm with a bit of cream or custard for winter evenings.



Ingredients: Crust

275 g (500ml) Cake Flour

200g White sugar

10ml Baking powder

2ml Salt

250g Butter at room temperature

On top:

4T Coconut

1 Can (425g) of baby apples with stems in light syrup

Cream (Fresh or whipped)

Ingredients: Filling

2 cans (385g each) Unsweetened Pie apples, sliced

4T Brown sugar

1T Cinnamon


Preheat the oven to 180˚C and spray an ovenproof dish with cook and spray.

Sift the cake flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together and work the butter in with your finger tips to form dough. Divide the dough in half and cover with glad wrap. Place the one half in die fridge and the other on the kitchen counter, to keep the lonely coconut company.

Carefully mix the filling’s ingredients together in a bowl. Use the one half of the dough (the one next to the coconut) and evenly spread and press the dough on the bottom of the dish to form a crust. Be sure to cover the sides. Spoon the filling into the bottom, then grade the remaining half of the dough (the one in the fridge) over the filling. Evenly sprinkle the coconut and place a few of the baby apples on top. Enjoy with cream, ice cream or custard. *The crumble will be more solid when served cold or lukewarm.

Chocolate Brownie Recipe

This recipe has been the centre of many desert conversations. I first found this recipe in a People magazine, but have since then tweaked the recipe to perfection. Herewith, I gladly share my trustworthy recipe with you.

4T Cacao
200g Unsalted butter
200g Castor sugar
200g Cake Flour
1t Baking Powder
3 Large eggs
70g Dark chocolate chopped
60g Chopped nuts (Of your choice)

125ml Cream
100g Dark chocolate
25g Unsalted butter
5ml Vanilla Essence/ 5ml Amarula

Preheat the oven to 180 ˚C
Line a dish with butter or spray with Cook and Spray and baking paper. It may sound like overkill, but it will make your life easier when removing the brownie from the dish. The dish you choose will determine the thickness of your brownie, other than that it can be any oven fast dish in your kitchen.
Dissolve the cacao in 100ml boiling water and set aside. Mix the eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder and butter well. Now mix in the cacao mixture and thereafter the chopped chocolate. Pour the mixture in the prepared dish with a spatula, to minimise wastage and to maximise your obligation to taste (lick) the batter. Bake for 15-20 minutes. *A brownie is perfect just before completely baked, a few crumbs can still be visible when tested with a sharp knife or testing pin, unlike the texture of a cake. Cut in squares after a decent cooling time. *It works best if the brownies are cut and placed in the same dish it was baked in. The ganache will not drip to waste and will set in a thicker layer of chocolate.

Heat the cream, butter and vanilla essence in a pot and stir in the chocolate pieces. Be careful not to burn the chocolate, keep the stove on a low heat and remove the pot from the stove every now and then, to give the chocolate time to dissolve. Let the ganache cool, this will result in a thicker texture. Pour the ganache over the brownie and sprinkle the nuts on top. The brownie can be served immediately or kept in the fridge for at least four days without declining in flavour or texture. Enjoy!

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