The Ultimate Leather Handbag


It took me quite some time- but I found it- the perfect leather handbag that ticks all my boxes.


* Genuine leather
* Dark brown colour
* Zip on the outside and the inside
* Look polished- meaning neat with a lining and close with a zip, not just a clip

Burgundy Collective is a South African brand, crafting these joys from Stellenbosch. I am beaming with enthusiasm over their products and service. It goes with everything and the straps are just the right length for a comfortable grip.
Check out their Instagram feed and website.
Website: http://www.burgundycollective.com/

My Gameplan for 2017


Graphic designer: Drikus Roets

It has been a while. Thank you for sticking around and if it is your first visit- welcome. May your 2017 be gentle, magical and extraordinary. Some call it New Year’s resolutions; I call it a game plan. In addition to blogging more this year, these are a few points of focus for my year. Feel free to adopt a few or to add a few. Have a good one. 


Magnum- Dare to go double


So I finally tried the new Magnum and yes, it was as amazing as promised. The vanilla magnum has two chocolate layers with caramel in between. The extra crunchy layer gives an amazing fullness to each bite and who doesn’t want a thicker layer of chocolate? Overall, if you like the Magnum ice cream range and you enjoy sweet treats- then there is no reason for you not to like it. There are three options in this range; chocolate, caramel and peanut butter. My photos and experience are based on the caramel one.

Dare to go double!

Website: http://www.mymagnum.nl/produkten

Spring is here!


Have a blooming great spring day!

The Best Creme Brule


I do not feel the need to say anything more than, perfection! This is hands down the best one I have ever eaten. Just to clarify, this is a desert spoon next to the Crème Brule, not a teaspoon. While you are there, you might as well try their steak. However, if you can only choose one, it will only be logical to rather have the desert. Note: the Butcher shop and Grill is an upmarket steakhouse, in other words dress for the occasion, leave the children at home, bring a thick wallet and do not under any circumstances ask the chefs for a well-done steak. When it comes to fine dining and a brilliant steak, you can’t do better than this.


Address: Sandton City (Shop 30), Nelson Mandela Square

Contact: 011 784 8676

Website: http://www.thebutchershop.co.za/

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