Windmills of Kinderdijk


A visit to The Netherlands is not quite complete without seeing at least one windmill during your stay. They have been a synonym for Holland for many centuries. One of the best places to go for this is Kinderdijk. There are 19 windmills from the 18th century for you to explore and appreciate. It can be a long walk if just seeing one is not enough, so I suggest you wear your sneakers.


It was a beautiful scene to see the ‘Desktop’ or ‘Calendar type’ photo of windmills under the blue Dutch sky in real life, magnificent and interesting. I am not sure what I thought a windmill does, but I had a slight clue that it milled something. Turns out, I was far off. The windmills pump water to manage Dutch water levels. This is the place to see 19 windmills in action.


Tip: Good news, there is no entrance fee. You can walk around, take pictures and admire all you like. However, you will be charged if you are interested in taking a boat trip or exploring the interior of a windmill. I found the experience wonderful without the need for extras. Don’t be fooled in buying discount tickets on websites beforehand. In my opinion: rather buy some real Dutch pea soup at the restaurant/ souvenir store- which was delicious.

Website: https://www.kinderdijk.com/

Kasteel de Haar


The Netherlands is an enchanting country with lots to eat, do and experience. If you appreciate old building and architecture, then you might enjoy a visit to this lovely Castle in Utrecht. Kasteel de Haar is a 19th century, medieval style palace surrounded with gardens (which I imagine being captivating in the summer). The air smell of history and you imagine living in a different time. I would walk the grounds for days if I could. Beautiful beyond my vocabulary’s reach.


Address: Kasteellaan 1, 3455 RR Netherlands

Contact:+31 30 677 8515

Taste of Holland 2016 outing


Photos: Nina Vosloo

They said ‘have a taste of Holland’, and so we did. What a tasteful experience.  

Taste of Holland 2016


Have a taste of Holland this weekend. Expect to see a wonderful collaboration of food, wine, chefs and music. The food in this country is great to start with, so it is highly unlikely that this food event will disappoint your taste buds.

Friday, 12 February  15.00-22.00
Saturday, 13 February  12.00-22.00
Sunday, 14 February  12.00-21.00

Address: Jaarbeurs- Utrecht
Website: http://www.tasteofholland.nl/nl-NL/Bezoeker.aspx

Vlaamsch Broodhuys


This place warms the deep part of me that loves beautiful food.

Everything looks great but tastes even better. The staff is genuinely friendly and the ambiance unpretentious. This should definitely be on your must visit list

Please note that they do not except cash, only debit or credit cards.

Address: Variety of stores in The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Nijmegen)

Website: www.vlaamschbroodhuys.nl


Movie style ice cream


I enjoyed this desert at a Col'Cacchio pizzeria recently, and realised the possibility of recreating it at home. Only three items are needed, of which all can be bought and stored ahead of time. This unlikely trio is modest yet thrilling. Your guest will admire your creativity and you will appreciate the little effort needed.

Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, Toffee sauce (I was lazy, Woolies helped me out), Caramel popcorn

Method: Scoop plain vanilla ice cream in a bowl and sprinkle and drizzle with toffee sauce and caramel popcorn. Enjoy with a movie.

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